Social Kickstart 2 – The ultimate social media planner

I have been an online digital marketer now for about 5 years and marketing through Facebook has been my backbone of my business.  However, it’s not easy managing multiple pages and groups, finding good content to post, scheduling posts and it’s not only Facebook.  These days if you want to get noticed you have to be across many Social media platforms.  There has to be a better way to manage my social media campaigns, I needed some sort of social media planner.  So when Social Kickstart 2 came across my desk I was very keen to try it out.

So if you are like me and manage Facebook pages or groups for yourself or others, let me tell you that Social Kickstart 2 is one of the best social media management tools I’ve come across.  This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to manage content, gain viewership and increase social engagement across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here is why.

Content is King.

social media planner Social Kickstart 2Social Kickstart 2 allows you to find and schedule relevant viral content on your various Facebook fan pages or groups. Now what I mean relevant ‘viral content’, Social Kickstart 2 will actually find viral content through various online platforms such as; Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler and meme search.  After searching for content you can quickly identify what has already been shared with great popularity and re-share them on your own Facebook pages or groups.

For example just so you manage a Facebook page about weight loss you could then search what already has been shared online, find something that is popular and relevant to your niche, edited for your own audience and reposted onto your own Facebook groups or pages. This is so powerful!! The content has orally been validated by other social platforms, so you know it’s going to be popular.  You just rebrand it for your own audience and submit it. Sure you could spend hours trying to come up with something new yourself and then roll the dice as to whether or not it’s going to be popular OR take the smart approach and rebrand what you already know has been validated by the market.

Automated drip scheduling

Social media post scheduling Social Kickstart 2If content is king then automation has to be its Queen.  The second high selling point of social Kickstart 2 is the ability to automate and drip feed out the content. Being able to sit down and within half an hour have all my content planned out and scheduled for release for the coming week is a godsend. Not only does the automation process increase my consistency of work, it reduces how much time I actually need to spend in front of the screen. It not only automates posts for Facebook but also for LinkedIn and Twitter accounts as well, all from the one location.  BOOM!!!   That in itself is amazing, no more logging in between various social platforms.

Facebook live

Did you know that Facebook gives live videos a higher ranking priority compared to any other posted content?  No?  Well, now you can take advantage of that fact.  Social Kickstart 2 allows you to use pre-recorded videos and schedule them as a live broadcast on Facebook and then push it out to your audience. Some research I’ve seen shows that you get 10 times more engagement on a live video as opposed to regular posts.

Manage and scale

Something else I love about Social Kickstart 2 is the interface. It’s so simple and clean to navigate and being able to manage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all from the one interface…. One word.  Kick ass, damn it that’s two words.  Social Kickstart 2 also shows you a bunch of inside information into the status of your various Facebook pages and campaigns showing you cool things like shares, likes, subscribers, what people are saying, reopens, followers and so on.

And don’t forget TeeSpring

teespring research toolLet me be the first to say I haven’t had much to do with TeeSpring, however, a mate of mine in Melbourne is absolutely crushing it.  He is making about $10k a month with TeeSpring, so I know there is money to be made there, I just haven’t tried it.  Having said that I think I might now throw my hat in the ring.  Social Kickstart 2 has a TeeSpring research tool that will quickly find popular designs within your niche.  This will help to give you inspiration for a design that can then be marketed to your audience.

I can see how this would work really well especially if you have built some large Facebook groups and have cultivated a connection with those groups I would imagine marketing a popular T-shirt design to said groups would result in some excellent conversions.

For those of you who don’t know TeeSpring it’s a platform by which you can create shirts have them listed online.  When someone buys the shirt it is then shipped out to your customers with zero interaction from yourself other than creating the design. It can be a good way to generate additional revenue for yourself.

Other features

canva alternativeThe last two features of this product have a synergy with one another so I thought I would mention them in the same section, Ad creation and retargeting.  Social Kickstart 2 allows you to create some very impressive ad design from within the platform itself. As quite a few templates already done for you is simply select the template and edited to suit your ad copy. For anyone that is used the Canva website before it is a very similar experience.  The last item is a retargeting tool, this will help you to digitally stalk your potential clients with the sexy ad you just created and convert them into sales.

Social Kickstart 2, is it worth it?

  • Do you manage multiple Facebook pages or groups?
  • Do you like the idea of being able to schedule content to be released automatically across various social media platforms while sitting on the beach drinking mojitos?
  • Do you want to increase your viewership and get more engagement on your posts?
  • Do you want an additional income stream for yourself that requires no maintenance?
  • How does increasing the conversion rate to sales of promoted product sound?

If you have a heartbeat and answered yes to at least two of those questions then yeah, I would buy this product, unless of course, you don’t like making life easier for yourself and making a Bazillion dollars on Facebook.  But seriously, try it and see if you like and the best thing is there a zero risk to you as there is a 30-day money back guarantee to go with it. So try out and if you’re not happy, get a refund!  It’s that simple.


Still not convinced?

If you buy this through me today and select the Yearly or Lifetime plan and I will throw in four bonuses to help sweeten the deal.  I will throw in these four Facebook tools to help increase your business for FREE!!  This is $400 worth of software yours free today if you sign up.

NOTE: This is only if you take the Yearly or Lifetime option.

social media planner bonus 1

social media planner bonus 2

social media planner bonus 3

social media planner bonus 4